Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This first-ever international policy forum on the participative web will bring together experts from around the world, from policy makers and academ

This first-ever international policy forum on the participative web will bring together experts from around the world, from policy makers and academics to business executives and a wide range of civil society. The presentations and discussions will be around the themes of Creativity, Confidence and Convergence will contribute to the OECD Ministerial Meeting on The Future of the Internet Economy in Seoul, Korea, 17-18 June 2008 (

Preparations of the 2007 Participative Web Technology Foresight Forum by OECD and the Canadian government taking place in Ottawa (Canada) on 3 October 2007 are well underway and registration is now open.

Questions to be addressed in the Foresight Forum include: What does the future hold for the participative web? What are the trends and impacts on knowledge creation, business, users and governments? What are the implications for enhancing confidence and trust in the Internet? What is the government role in providing the right environment for stimulating Internet innovation and economic growth?

The details of the Forum and means to register are on the OECD website are at: The site includes many tools for online participation. Please participate!

Speakers include: John Lettice, Founder, Co-founder and editorial director of The Register, Jungwook Lim, Vice President for Service Innovation, Daum Communications, Robert Sutor, Vice President for Open Source and Standards, IBM, Jonathan Taplin, Professor University of California, Micheal Gill, Chief Executive Officer, Fairfax Business Media, Hemanshu Nigam, Chief Security Office, MySpace, Bob Young, Founder,, Antony Williams, Autor of ‘Wikinomics’, Paul Misener, Head of Global Public Policy,, Andrew Herbert, Managing Director, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK, Daniel E. Atkins, Director, Office of Cyberinfrastructure, The National Science Foundation, Kiyoshi Mori, Vice Minister Policy Coordination, Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Bill St. Arnaud, Senior Director Advanced Networks, CANARIE Inc., Andres Monroy-Hernandez, MIT Lego and Lifelong Kindergarten initiative, Ginsu Yoon, VP International, Second Life, Quitterie Delmas, AGORAVOX and responsible for blogosphere of French Presidential candidate Bayrou, Ellen Miller, Executive Director, Sunlight Foundation, Anne Bucher, Head of Division, Directorate General Information Society (European Commission), Gary Davis, Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Ireland, Michael A. Geist, Canadian Research Chair of Internet and e-Commerce Law, Sangwon Ko, Executive Director, Division of Information Industry Research, Korea Information Society Development Institute, Chris Kelly, Vice President of Corporate Development and Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook, Richard Simpson, Director, E-Commerce Branch, Industry Canada / Chair ICCP OECD Committee, and notable representatives from civil society such as The Public Voice, CPTech, etc.