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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

VoIP, Web services, Grids and Super scale telephony

Tim Oreilly, in a recent posting to Dave Farber's Iper List alluded to some interesting new developments where open source VoIP server can use grid facilities like Amazon's EC2 and S3 to build on demand, scalable phone networks. This is a very new and usual application for grid technology and web services. Worth checking out. Some excerpts from Tim OReilly's posting and conference pages-- BSA]

Another very cool session at the conference is a workshop entitled Calls in
the Utility Computing Cloud - Experiments in on demand ultra scalable
telephony Using Amazon EC2 and S3 - This is freeswitch and Asterisk
both - This is really exciting stuff. They are using Ec2 to create on
demand scalable phone networks - something that was not possible
before. You basically had to over-specify and pray your network never
reached capacity.

[From the conference web site..]

Just as OS telephony allows you to hack your own PBX, would you want to do that with the entire network? Are we going to create our own? Will we be liberated or shackled by poor voice quality? How does wi-max change the rules? Access to disruptive technologies has never been easier and we showcase some of the most powerful projects at the fringes. Intersection of VoIP Telephony and Web Services

Are all of your phone calls plotted on a Google Maps mash-up? What will happen when every site allows you to call someone or track someones cellphone? Instant price check from Amazon? Add an event to your web calendar by just calling an artificial voice agent? Or it reminding you by calling you? ETel will be happy to showcase some of the most amazing pocket money startups at some of the best and some of the best corporately funded innovation projects out there. Interesting things happen as open data and open networks ram down the doors of closed Telco networks. Business Models

What will the new business models look like? Will low cost and accessibility help innovate services that don't depend on billing systems, or will the telcos re-invent themselves? Will the community or legislation make us shy away from taking the risks needed for truly innovative ideas to have a chance? Will there be opportunity in the forthcoming local search wars, or will it be better done by the people themselves? If calls are becoming free, then will the service on the other end be worth paying for? some of the best business minds, product managers and venture capitalist offer their insight into picking and developing the most sustainable business sectors out there for companies and entrepreneurs.

For more information about the conference, see http://