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Bill St. Arnaud is a consultant and research engineer who works with clients around the world on a variety of subjects such as next generation Internet networks and developing practical solutions to reduce CO2 emissions such as free broadband and dynamic charging of eVehicles. He is an author of many papers and articles on these topics and is a frequent guest speaker. For more details on my research interests see

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IPv6 Transitional Uncertainties and the role of R&E networks and universities

[Here is an excellent article on the uncertainties of IPv6 transition. R&E networks and universities probably have the single largest number of unallocated IPv4 address space.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Very cool project between SURFnet and Ericsson for LTE on Dutch universities

[I am always astounded and amazed how a small R&E networking organization like SURFnet has become such a powerful engine of innovation, not only for Dutch universities, but the Dutch economy in general.

R&E networks once again revolutionizing Internet through content peering

[I recently attended the annual GLIF meeting (Global Lambda Integrated Facility) in Rio de Janeiro where there was a lot of buzz and excitement about recent developments in lambda networking and new transformative business models for R&E networks.