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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New National Academies reports - cybersecurity, dependable systems, and privacy

[From Dave Farber's Iper list-- BSA]

Subject: 3 new National Academies reports - on cybersecurity,
dependable systems, and privacy

Dave--IPers may be interested in the following three reports that have recently been released by CSTB:

* Toward a Safer and More Secure Cyberspace, which examines the vulnerabilities of the Internet, offers a strategy for future research aimed at countering cyber attacks, and lays out a broad research agenda that includes traditional, problem-specific studies as well as unconventional ideas is necessary to combat current and future cybersecurity threats;
* Software for Dependable Systems: Sufficient Evidence?, which discusses the meaning of dependability in a software and systems context, illustrates how the growing use and complexity of software necessitates a different approach to ensuring dependability, and recommends an evidence-based approach to achieving justifiable confidence in and greater dependability of software; and
* Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age, which examines how threats to privacy are evolving, ongoing information technology trends, and how society can balance the interests of individuals, businesses, and government in ways that promote privacy reasonably and efficiently.

All can be viewed at by following the "National Academies Press" link and then the "Full Text" link under Read.


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