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Monday, September 10, 2007

First e-VLBI data from China-Australia, China-Europe and Australia-Europe baselines

[CANARIE is pleased to have played a small part in this ground breaking event by providing the lightpaths across North America linking Asia to Europe-- BSA]

Dear all

The JIVE press release of yesterday's successful intercontinental eVLBI
demo involving Australian, Chinese and European telescopes is available

A 300dpi impage of the telescopes and paths involved is shown at

Yesterday's event demonstrated the first real-time correlation results
from Chinese-Australian and Chinese-European baselines. Data were also
obtained from an Australian-European baseline for a short time as the
target source set and rose in observing areas on opposite sides of the
earth) .

Many thanks to all the astronomers, network engineers and others who
worked so hard to make this such an impressive demonstration.

best wishes to all