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Thursday, May 8, 2008

How to build a submarine cable

[Thanks to George McLaughlin for this pointer -- BSA]

PIPE Networks, who are building a cable from Sydney to Guam and interconnecting there with VSNL (the TYCO Guam-Japan spur) have set up a blog covering various aspects of the build.

Quite interesting, and a pretty open approach (typical of PIPE). Covers
also the terrestrial builds, snippets (with links to more detailed
discussions) on how repeaters work, horizontally drilled ducts, etc, etc
- comments/questions can be posted and get responded to......

Bevan Slattery wrote:
As you maybe aware, we have launched our PIPE International website.
We've decided to do something a little different and that is undertake
the construction in an open and transparent manner.
We have included:
- a daily blog
- Progress table
- Discussion Forum
- Photo and video gallery
PPC-1 is an exciting development for competitive international
transmission into Australia and we have decided to go the 'open' route
in order to provide interested parties the ability to check out how
the system is progressing and to ask any questions you may have.
Anyway, thought you might be interested in how to build a submarine