Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bill St. Arnaud is leaving CANARIE


With mixed emotions and many fond memories I will be leaving CANARIE as of January 8.

Over the past 15 years of tenure at CANARIE I am very proud to feel that I have made a small contribution to several significant developments in the areas of customer owned networks, user controlled lightpaths, development of infrastructure as service, various broadband initiatives and most recently in looking at how networks and cyber-infrastructure can help address the challenge of climate change.

I strongly believe that research and education networks will continue to play a critical in today's society not only in supporting next generation research such as cyber-infrastructure but in continuing to demonstrate new Internet and broadband architectures and business models.

I now look forward to pursing new opportunities related to my on going passion for Internet networking, especially in the area of developing network and ICT tools to mitigate climate change.

I will continue to personally blog, tweet and e-mail as usual on the subject of Internet, climate change and R&E networking in general as per the following coordinates:

twitter: BillStArnaud
Facebook: Bill St. Arnaud
skype: pocketpro

It has been a fantastic experience working at CANARIE and I will depart with long memories of working with so many engaging and brilliant colleagues within CANARIE and throughout the world.

Until we meet again