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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MUST VIEW: Network virtualization, clouds and Green Networks - MANTICORE

[Excellent presentation by Eduard Grasa on the Manticore II project in Europe. It is great to see European industry and academia build upon and extend some of the early pioneering concepts we developed at CANARIE and CRC with UCLP. I think the follow on project Mantychore will also be essential for allowing Europe to deploy integrated low carbon virtual wireless IP and optical networks. As well Manticore can support deployment of new lower layer network protocols such as RINA as a possible transition path away from IPv6 and TCP.—BSA]

Congratulations to the Manticore team for a job well done
i2CAT:Sergi Figuerola, Pau Minoves, Xavier Barrera, Carlos Baez, Laia Ferrao, Eduard Grasa
HEAnet: Victor Reijs, Dave Wilson
NORDUnet: Lars Fischer, Per Nihlen, Linus Nordberg
RedIRIS: Alberto Escolano, Tomás P. de Miguel
University of Essex: Dimitra Simeonidou, Chinwe Abosi, Reza Nejabati
Telefonica I+D: Isidro Cabello, Cristina Peña, David Ortega
Juniper: Jean Marc Uzé
Cisco: Klaas Wierenga, Chris Lonvick, Steve Wolff

Eduard Grasa Manticore Presentation

POUZIN Society (PSOC) and RINA protocol

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