Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cisco promotes do-it-yourself optical networks

[Great Cisco presentation on do-it-yourself optical networks
. There won’t be much new here for R&E networks who have been doing this for over a decade.
Long ago R&E networks realized the huge benefits and costs savings of do-it-yourself compared to managed networks from carriers. But it is good to see a big company like Cisco promoting this approach. For those who are interested in DIY optical networks I wrote a lengthy FAQ and several papers on this subject which I would be glad to share. You still might find them on the CANARIE web site as well.

The one thing is that still missing in the DIY optical world is sub GBps wavelengths with optical multiplexing of these wavelengths into larger 40G/100G wavelengths. The new carrier Ethernet and optical MPLS is a real pain in the neck and to my mind is a step backwards to the old ATM world. I know that it is something traditional carriers love as they still think bandwidth is a scarce resource.


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