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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Overview of national wireless network strategies for R&E networks

[Harold Teunissen of SURFnet gave an excellent overview of developing a national wireless network strategies for R&E networks at the NORDUnet conference this week.
As I have blogged before, a national wireless R&E network strategy is the bold new frontier for R&E networking. As many research sensor and instrument networks come on line , the demand for M2M (machine 2 machine) communications is projected to grow much faster than traditional wireline services. Wireless networks will also be critical for anywhere, anyplace, anytime education and research. R&E networks, with their extensive fiber footprints, are well positioned to offer a unique and cost effective service to the R&E community integrating campus WiFi with wide area 3G/4G services. This can also be a significant revenue opportunity for R&E networks to displace income from selling dumb pipes as Opel Lighpath Exchanges come on line. More importantly, if done correctly a national wireless R&E network can be almost zero carbon, by selecting vendors who provide base station equipment that can be powered by small solar panels or miro wind mills – BSA]

Harold’s presentation can be found at,%20Anytime,%20Any%20place-NORDUnet%202011.pdf;jsessionid=773FC4C02E60B0D27BB7591554819528
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