Thursday, March 6, 2008

Microsoft's Google - killer strategy: Finally on the way?

[Microsoft "cloud" strategy that has been rumoured for some time, looks will soon to come to fruition. Given that Microsoft has hired big eScience names like Tony Hey and Dan Reed, I suspect this cloud strategy will have a major impact on future cyber-infrastructure projects and will be a strong competitor to Amazon EC2. Thanks to Digg and Gregory Soo for these pointers--BSA]

From Digg news

"The new strategy will, I'm told, lay out a roadmap of moves across three major areas: the transformation of the company's portfolio of enterprise applications to a web-services architecture, the launch of web versions of its major PC applications, and the continued expansion of its data center network. I expect that all these announcements will reflect Microsoft's focus on what it calls "software plus services" - the tying of web apps to traditional installed apps - but they nevertheless promise to mark the start of a new era for the company that has dominated the PC age."

Microsoft to build Skynet, send Terminators back to 20th century to preempt Google....

Nick / Rough Type:
Rumor: Microsoft set for Vast data-center push — I've received a few more hints about the big cloud-computing initiative Microsoft may be about to announce, perhaps during the company's Mix08 conference in Las Vegas this coming week. ...The construction program will be "totally over the top," said a person briefed on the plan. The first phase of the buildout, said the source, will include the construction of about two dozen data centers around the world, each covering about 500,000 square feet or more (that's a total 12 million sq ft). The timing of the construction is unclear....