Thursday, May 8, 2008

Collaborative feature film making over the Net

[Here is an interesting project reported on Slashdot. If you are a budding film maker you can join any number of collaborative film projects under development -- BSA]

collaborative film making

John Buckman from Magnatune clues us that the trailer for Iron Sky is available. We've been following the production for some time, as these are the same guys who brought us Star Wreck, the most successful feature-length Internet-distributed film of all time. That film was made by 3,000 people, has been downloaded 8 million times, is under a Creative Commons by-nd-nc license, and made good money both through DVD sales and through an eventual deal with Universal. Iron Sky is being made using Wreck-a-Movie — a collaborative film-making web site (also Creative Commons based) that grew out of the Star Wreck experience."
Wreck A Movie is a new way of creating film brought about by the power of the Internet to connect people and spread information.

Star Wreck Studios is a film studio that is specialized in blending the Internet and the film industry together by unleashing the creative potential of Internet communities, and changing the whole chain of filmmaking. Through the launch of its new online service, the company makes it possible to collaboratively produce professional quality A/V content of all types: from short films to feature films and to all distribution screens – from Internet and mobile to film theater.

Star Wreck Studios was established in February of 2007 by the creators of the world’s first feature-length collaborative Internet film, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning which has more than 8 million global downloads. Star Wreck Studios is headquartered at the center of the global Internet film world in Tampere, Finland.

It all started with the Star Wreck phenomenon

Only a few years ago, it would have been impossible for a full-length science fiction film from Finland to become a phenomenon on the world stage. This niche film with Hollywood quality special effects, subtitles in 30 languages and all made in collaboration with an active passionate community, was released in August of 2005, going against every industry standard and for only 15 000 €. With today’s technology, people cooperating across the Internet and now instant global distribution, the crew of 5 and 3000 of their friends across the globe proved the old model of film making and watching is not the only way. The success opens the door for any niche film to get made and then seen by millions.

Based on the experience of creating the Star Wreck phenomenon, Star Wreck Studios has developed a Web platform that is designed to harness the power of passionate Internet communities for creating short films, documentaries, music videos, Internet flicks, full length features, mobile films and more. is a social community, simple workflow and marketplace that builds communities around film productions. It helps get films done faster and at a considerably lower cost through crowd-sourced work on production tasks and online resourcing of expertise and corporate funding. The communities developed in production will also create a viral social marketing force that will get films seen through the hundreds of existing online and standard channels.