Monday, February 15, 2010

FCC and Seybold got it wrong on wireless networks - new revenue opportunities for R&E networks

FCC and Seybold claim we face serious challenges in terms of wireless spectrum and congestion. With a traditional end-to-end network this may be true. But most Internet applications don’t require an end-to-end network. They just need to deliver data locally as are already seeing happening on wireline networks. Over 50% of Internet traffic is delivered by Hypergiants according to Arbor study bypassing traditional end-to-end Internet providers and delivering their services locally at IXs. The next step is to deliver this data directly to Internet mobile devices bypassing 3G/4G networks

I have argued that the big battle for network neutrality will not only be with today’s broadband networks but tomorrow’s wireless cell phone Internet networks. Instead of debating NN over the last mile, the real fight will be over the last inch (open devices) and the last tower (interconnecting to existing 3G/4G systems)

R&E networks can do a preemptive strike in this future battleground by offering free wireless cell phone data service to all students (and open access community networks) using next generation wireless Internet devices with multiple RF receivers using white space spectrum and tools like Google Voice or Skype.

I hope shortly to issue a paper on this topic