Thursday, September 23, 2010

FCC makes two momentous decisions for 5G Internet

[Today many you may have heard that FCC approved opening up unused airwaves between television channels for wireless broadband networks and allowing schools to purchase dark fiber under the eRate program. These 2 developments will enable an explosion of innovation in the Green Internet and 5G markets as we have seen starting to happen in the Netherlands.

5G networks are characterized by the following features:

1. Wifi, mesh and White space is the primary air interface for devices while MVNO 3G/4G wholesale networks are used for back fill (think FON for data on steroids)
2. Open SIM cards for automatic double factor authentication and authorization for service and applications (think Shibboleth on steroids)
3. National-regional fiber R&E networks provide seamless integration and essential backhaul services
4. Host of new applications and services enabled by integrating smart phones as sensors with clouds for research, education and business
5. All nodes are powered by renewable energy only with seamless overlapping service from Wifi, White space, 3G/4G etc to insure reliability and coverage and re-direction in the green cloud (think Greenstar on steroids)
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