Sunday, November 21, 2010

Must Read: How to Bypass Carriers Apple-Style

[Another excellent article by Rudolph van der Berg on Apple using software SIMs. The implications for community and R&E networks are significant. For example if the Internet 2/NLR national community network UCAN could obtain its own IMSI then it could offer students and the public a open, not for profit, national cell phone service where it could then resell commercial services from a number of providers. Also with an independent IMSI, students could be provided with a single wireless access service for emergency contact in additional to the service provided by the commercial carrier of their choice. R&E networks would also be able to support the exploding demand for network of things integrated with clouds for personal medical applications, environmental sensors, etc. Rather than being locked into a commercial service provider, a national public virtual wireless operator with its own IMSI could transform the market -- BSA]

How to Bypass Carriers Apple-Style

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