Thursday, February 3, 2011

SURFnet aims to have a national wireless hybrid network by 2015

[Once again The Netherlands is showing global innovative leadership in the development of a national R&E wireless network integrated with their optical backbone.
This is something I have been advocating for some time as it will have major implications for personal medical research, environmental sensor networks, etc. I am pleased to see SURFnet once again take a leadership role in this area. SURFnet has completed a feasibility study that is now available for download. The document is Only available in Dutch – but thanks to Google Translate is readily accessible in other languages. (Full Disclosure – I am now on long term consulting assignment with SURFnet) –BSA]
(translated from Dutch)

Mobility and Fixed-Wireless
GigaPort is an ambition of a nationwide fixed-wireless seamless integration with which students and staff of higher education and research institutions throughout the Netherlands have each network (mobile) device. For this purpose a feasibility study was undertaken.

The seamless connection of the fixed fiber network to a wireless network allows access to the network and device-related resources, time and place independent. The integration of mobile devices offers new possibilities for research and education.
For the development of fixed wireless seamless network of cooperation with operators and suppliers of mobile network services. The aim is to work with them, to have operational service in 2015. Special attention is paid to identity management, security and privacy protection.

Workshop Wireless Networks better use for research purposes on March 11
How can higher education and research respond optimally to the potential of mobile communications smartphone, so iPad? This question is central to the workshop for researchers and IT administrators on March 11 at SURFnet in Utrecht.

You probably daily to the popularity of smart mobile phones, laptops and iPads: mobile data networks are the future - including within and between universities. Developments in mobile networks are very fast.
SURFnet hopes to work with researchers and IT administrators determine how best to respond to the (future) possibilities of mobile communications. In the workshop for researchers asked: what hinders you in your work (related to mobile data usage), what else would you like? IT administrators to be asked include: how do you dedicate to your mobile public networks, campus infrastructure?
Obviously there is room for experiences, desires and visions to share. On this basis SURFnet take measures leading to more profit from mobile networks and researchers in universities.
Would you as a researcher or IT administrator to participate in the workshop, please contact Frans Panken (frans.panken [at]
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