Monday, May 23, 2011

UK R&E network JANET 3G service integrated with eduroam with their own SIM card

[Here is an exciting new service offering by the UK R&E network JANET.  Not only will this meet the need of mobile researchers and students it will provide a new revenue stream for JANET.
As you many know I have have been blogging about this opportunity for R&E networks to become 3G/4G MVNOs with their own SIM cards integrated with eduroam. With their own SIM card JANET can presumably have their own IMSI code and use one or more underlying service providers as well as integrate with various WiFi service providers on and off campus. Bravo JANET!! – BSA]

JANET 3G for eduroam - Affordable and effective mobile broadband in focus.
An increasing number of academic and support staff are living their life on the move – whether that’s on campus or further afield. TheNEW JANET 3G service provides a flexible range of data only SIM packages, specially designed to meet the needs of the academic and research communities.
Product brochure
See why you need JANET 3G

The JANET 3G difference
JANET provides a range of 3G data packages that combine value-for-money with features specifically configured for education sector customers.

Cost control and wider access
JANET 3G provides a wide selection of price plans that enable you to precisely match each user’s need with whilst keeping control over costs.

Wide range of data packages
From low usage machine-to-machine plans to genuine 15Gb data allowances (unlike ‘unlimited’ offers that are often capped in the small print), JANET 3G packages give you real choice.

Simplified security
JANET 3G enables you to use existing IP addresses, making firewall configuration easier. Seamless integration with eduroam means you’ll be using the same authentication mechanism for mobile users and be able to keep your own logs.

Hardware or SIM only
JANET 3G comes as a SIM only option or you can add a dongle for individual users or create a wi-fi hub for up to five users with a My-fi device.
Extending Eduroam
The JANET 3G service extends an organisation's eduroam infrastructure by adding mobile broadband data capabilities.

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