Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NLR to provide national personal genome health services - exciting new opportunity for R&E networks

[It has been rumored for months, but yesterday’s announcement from NLR is a real game changer. Personal health services, in particular personal genome sequencing and data storage are going to generate huge volumes of data for R&E networks.
This is a very exciting public-private partnership to provide long term sustainability to NLR – BSA]

NLR press release

The National Coalition for Health Integration becomes a Class A Sustaining Member of National Lambda Rail to transform global research and healthcare delivery
Los Angeles, June 7, 2011 — National Lambda Rail, Inc. (NLR), the advanced research network established by the U.S. research and education community, announced today that the National Coalition for Health Integration (NCHI), a non--‐profit organization dedicated to the transformation of healthcare, has become a Class A Sustaining Member. Working together, NLR and NCHI will accelerate advances in medical research, and provide efficient delivery of healthcare services, while supporting long--‐term education and research initiatives. NCHI was founded by Dr. Patrick Soon--‐Shiong, a Los Angeles--‐based physician, scientist and philanthropist. Dr. Soon--‐Shiong also founded the Healthcare Transformation Institute (HTI) at Arizona State University, as well as the Institute for Advanced Health (IAH) which has built dedicated health informatics data centers and a super--‐computer in Phoenix capable of processing and analyzing massive amounts of health data. These three non--‐profit organizations aim to improve healthcare outcomes and make personalized medicine possible by leveraging advanced technologies and making healthcare data more accessible both to researchers and to practitioners. The relationship between NCHI and NLR will help to link foundational scientific research in genomics to improved healthcare delivery, ultimately including the development of truly personalized medicine and more efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services and better clinical outcomes. “The relationship that we have forged with NLR will be truly transformative,” said Dr. Soon--‐Shiong. “It will allow the three organizations (NCHI, HTI and IAH) to connect with virtually all of the nation’s key academic and research institutions, and thereby to accelerate the translation of new science into therapy and better healthcare.” “Having NCHI as a member of NLR is perfectly aligned with NLR’s mission,” said Jim Dolgonas, president of the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), a Class B Sustaining Member. “It will also reinvigorate NLR, because the network will now have an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade its capacity and deliver meaningful applications throughout the nation. It will allow NLR to participate in the revolution in medicine that Dr. Soon--‐Shiong envisions, while also sustaining the commitment to the long--‐ term requirements of higher education’s most challenging research initiatives.” Dr. Soon--‐Shiong, who has developed and sold two multi--‐billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, was recognized as the 2010 Business Person of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal. The holder of 50 patents, he has pioneered new treatments for both diabetes and cancer and has received the Distinguished Medical Science Award from the National Library of Medicine. NLR is one of the world’s most advanced research networks, consisting of over 12,000 miles of high performance optical fiber from coast to coast, capable of speeds up to 100 gigabits per second. More than 280 universities and federal laboratories use NLR as their network for leading--‐edge research. With very high availability, a choice of next--‐generation network services and applications, and customized support for individual researchers and projects, NLR creates opportunities for collaboration, innovation and commercialization among the global research community and private and public partners. For more information, please visit

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