Monday, August 29, 2011

Apple May End Mobile Phone Contract Era - NREN opportunity

[More evidence that Apple is working on software configurable SIMs that will eventually will break the Homer/Bart Simpson stranglehold the carriers have over consumers.
 As I have blogged in the past  R&E networks have a fantastic opportunity to transform the wireless Internet market much in the same way that transformed the old telephone market with initial deployment of Internet, customer owned dark fiber, and software defined networks.

The new Apple and Google cell phones will allow seamless integration with Wiifi. Given the extensive Wifi roaming capability with Eudroam it is a natural next step. Seeing the tricks that carriers play to hamstring your phone ( to  extract monopoly rent on wireless networks, Apple’s new phone cant come soon enough – BSA]

How Carriers Hamstring Your Smart Phone wonder how companies justify these kinds of business practices to themselves

Apple May End Mobile Phone Contract Era

The most intriguing Apple (AAPL) rumor since Steve Jobs' retirement is that the iPhone 5, due out next month, will work on any wireless network. This decoupling of phones from networks has been approaching for some time. It's a capability you can expect Android makers to follow quickly. The decoupling, combined with WiFi capability, could be horrible news for carriers. At a stroke it could remove their pricing power over customers.

That could be reflected in profits (and thus stock prices) of companies like AT&T (T), Verizon (VZ), Vodafone (VOD) and Sprint (S). It could give Apple and Google (GOOG) a lot more power over their ecosystems. The technology to do this has been around for some time, and this in fact could explain why Google decided to buy Motorola Mobility (MMI).


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