Thursday, September 15, 2011

Very cool project between SURFnet and Ericsson for LTE on Dutch universities

[I am always astounded and amazed how a small R&E networking organization like SURFnet has become such a powerful engine of innovation, not only for Dutch universities, but the Dutch economy in general.
I am proud, to have contributed, in a my very small way, to these developments. This latest project by SURFnet is something I have been blogging about for some time.

Ericsson has been contracted by SURFnet to perform a technology scouting study for a private 4G LTE network.
Key principles:
– Private campus network without own users
– Guest access for registered users from all providers, special national roaming
– Can function with an existing SIM
– No new subscription
– No changes to the device
– No user intervention required
– Phones from registered users switch automatically when entering campus area

What is especially cool about this project, is how the national service will be funded in partnership with a national carrier. More on that later – BSA]

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