Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Commercial versions of UCLP available

[A couple of companies are now marketing commercial versions of UCLP. It is expected that other companies will be making announcements of commercial versions as well.

UCLP-User Controlled Lightpaths is a provisioning and configuration tool that allows end users such as enterprises or individual high performance user to setup and configure their own IP networks for such applications as remote peering and deploying private IP networks with virtual routers, switches, etc

It is an ideal tool for an organization controls and manages its own fiber network or condominium fiber network. It can be used to allow individual departments to configure their own LAN networks within a larger campus network, or establish direct IP connectivity with an external network independent of the default connection through the campus border router.

Most versions of UCLP use web services and grid technology so the network can be seen as an extension of the grid application or web service for virtualized or autonomous network-grid applications. -- BSA]

MRV is a supplier of optical line drivers, optical cross connects and WDM gear for organizations that have acquired their own fiber.

http://www.mrv.com/megavision http://www.mrv.com/product/MRV-NM-MVWEB/

Inocbye is a network management software company in Montreal that also offers training, consultation and installation services for UCLP www.inocybe.ca

Solana is a network management software company in Ottawa www.uclpv2.com

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