Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good example of using UCLP on Geant2 network in Europe

An excellent use case example of UCLP on GEANT 2 network in Europe is available by engineers from i2Cat who are going to present at the coming Terena Networking Conference. The paper is based on an example application that aims to demonstrate its use for National Research and Educational Networks in Europe (which are connected to the Geant2 network)

UCLP is often confused with various bandwidth on demand and bandwidth reservation systems. Personally I am not a believer in such traditional circuit switched approaches to networking. Besides the inevitable call blocking problems associated with such architectures, the cost of optical transponders is dropping dramatically and so it is much easier to provision several nailed up parallel IP routed networks then deal with the high OPEX costs of managing a circuit switched environment.

UCLP is provisioning and configuration tool that allows edge organizations and users to configure and provision their own IP networks and do their own direct point to point peering. The traditional network approach, whether in the commercial world or R&E world is to have a central hierarchical telco like organization manage all the relationships between the edge connected networks and organizations. UCLP, on the other hand, is an attempt to extend the Internet end-to-end principle to the physical layer. It is ideally suited for condominium wavelength or fiber networks where a multitude of networks and organizations co-own and co-manage a network infrastructure.

Thanks to Sergei Figuerola for this pointer -- BSA]

UCLP case study on GEANT2 network

For open source downloading of UCLP: http://www.uclp.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=52&Itemid=77

The community edition will be available soon: http://www.inocybe.ca/