Monday, August 27, 2007

Open Source Business for Telecommunications and other Business

[This is an excellent journal for those who want to understand the business opportunities of the open source business model and why many venture capital companies are investing in them. Open source business models combined with SOA and Web 2.0, (sometimes referred to Business 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0) will have a significant potential to radically transform todays business processes. Early adopters will have a significant first mover advantage in the marketplace. Thanks to Tony Bailetti for this pointer-- BSA]

The August issue of the Open Source Business Resource (OSBR) is now available in PDF and HTML formats at The OSBR is a publication of the Talent First Network (TFN).

The August issue in pdf format is at: and in html format at:

In the August issue of OSBR, Peter Liu from DragonWave Inc. examines open source telecommunications companies (OST) and finds that 9 of 12 OST companies are supported by venture capital.

Dave McIlhagga from DM Solutions Group and Ervin Ruci from describe how their respective businesses interact with the open source geospatial community. Bill White from Roaring Penguin Software relates the
business model that grew a one-man consultancy into a successful company which maintains its ties with the open source community.

Tammy Yuan explores the ways the Carrier Grade Linux Working Group is changing the proprietary face of the telecommunications industry.

Rowland Few details the Talent First Network's role within the Ontario open source ecosystem, Michael Weiss outlines the open source patterns lead project, and Peter Hoddinott answers questions regarding open source
business models and commercialization of open source assets.

This issue also contains an expanded upcoming events section, as well as newsbytes, recently published reports, letters to the editor, and how you can contribute to subsequent issues.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the OSBR and look forward to your feedback. If you wish to contribute to the OSBR, please contact Dru Lavigne, OSBR Editor at