Monday, August 20, 2007

Tony Hey's presentation on the "Social Grid" - Web 2.0 and eScience

[I highly recommend taking a look at Tony Hey's recent presentation at OGF on the "Social Grid". Lots of excellent examples of using Web 2.0, Amazon EC2/S2 for eScience applications. Thanks to Savas Parastatidis for this pointer from his excellent blog (but note his blog only works with Microsoft Explore)r -- BSA]

Tony Hey's presentation at OGF

Savas Parastatidis blog:

Tony Hey's slides on "The Social Grid" are now available (6.5MB PDF). This talk focused on the value of using the Web and its existing, stable technologies to deliver value to eScience. It also encouraged the Grid community to consider modern Web usage patterns and technologies, like "software-as-a-service", social networking, semantics, as the means to meet the scientist's requirements in a familiar-to-them manner.